Things You Need to Know about Same-Sex Marriage: Australian Plebiscite 2017

This blog post is not going to support either side, this is something you should decide on by yourself. This blog post will however, provide you the facts for both sides of the argument. What are voting on? Plainly, if you believe same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. Currently, the law reads:  “marriage means... Continue Reading →

Best App’s for University Students

Suffering from low productivity? Finding computer work sometimes cumbersome and just plain annoying? You and almost any student out. Revolutionise your productivity when studying by downloading some of these great apps! 

This month I have reduced the amount of items I put on each day - but in no means have I become basic!

Decorate: Gallery Wall

A step-by-step guide on how to hang your gallery wall. A cheap alternative to fancy and expensive art, perfect for any student looking spruce up their room with the least amount of pennies possible.

Lifestyle: 4 Tips to Help You Save!

I am the first person to validate saving is hard! I love my full-time wage lifestyle; and since returning to university, adjusting to a student wage lifestyle has been difficult. Below are a couple of realistic tips that have helped me so far! 1: Have a piggy bank Yep. Pretend you are 10 years old... Continue Reading →

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