Self Care in 5 Minutes

We all need a bit of balance in our lives. Too often are we swept in in the “I must…” ‘s and the “I should be…” ‘s, and we forget how important it is to practice a bit of self care. We need to make sure our petrol tanks are full to perform our best at work, school, in relationships, but to also have the capacity to help others.
I hear you screaming “…but I am too busy for self care!”. Here are a list of some self care activities that can be done in 5 minutes. Schedule 1 or 2 of these a day.

  • Listen to your favourite song. Heck, listen to it twice.
  • Walk yourself down to the coffee shop and treat yourself to that hot beverage you’ve been denying yourself because “diet”.
  • Look up at the sky. What can you spot? Clouds, rain, a plane?
  • Do some controlled breathing/oxygenate your body
  • Soak some sun whilst sitting on the grass. Become one with nature. Wear your daisy-crown with pride.
  • Ask someone for help (if we have 5 minutes, maybe make that a small task).
  • Stroke your pet
  • Call up a friend for a quick catch up
  • Jot down some thoughts in a diary/journal
  • Have a big glass of water
  • Create a more indepth self care plan.

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