Free Mental Health Training Options

Below is a list of some free training options available to any mental health clinician wishing to increase their knowledge in a specific area. Whilst the list is not extensive, it is a great place to start your continuing professional development.

I think this is an important post, especially for any early career psychologist as having done some self-directed learning will give you an edge over your competitor. Should you be hoping to apply for a Masters position at a University, these training webinars and courses will be a great point to discuss at your interview/application form.

If you are looking for other things that may help improve your application, you can read about my recommended work experience here. I also have a great post about what text books may be helpful to gather some evidence based information from here.

Australian Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA)

DVA and MHPN has collaborated to develop a range of free webinars aiming to assist clinicians manage the mental health needs of veterans. Specific topics include understanding the military experience, treatments including treatments specific for insomnia and nightmares, addition and avoidance, issues relating to anger, and the impact of veterans mental health on their family.

Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Academy (MGHPA)

MGHPA has provided advances psychotherapy courses in models including CBT, DBT, and other interventions for challenging cases. It also includes courses for specific client groups including children and adolescences or adults with OCD, insomnia and parents.

Mental Health Primary Network (MPHN)

MPHN publishes a series of webinars relevant to mental health issues. Each webinar includes a discussion from leading experts in the field, and aims to foster communication within the mental health field and improve interdisciplinary mental health practice.

Mental Health Professional Online Development (MHPOD)

MHPOD is an online mental health training website funded by the Australian Government. On this website, you can access free education and resources based on the national practice standards for mental health. The resources, developed by the University of Melbourne Psychosocial Research Centre, on this site is aimed at all levels of experience although most suited for early career mental health professionals.

National Education Alliance of Borderline Personality Disorder Australia (NEA.BPDAust)

NEA.BPDAust provides recent research to aid increased understanding, compassion, and recovery for people experiencing BPD. It offers a free online training course for professionals to learn basic skills in the diagnosis and treatment of BPD including making a diagnosis, management of suicidality, treatment planning, psychopharmacology, and importance of family involvement. The website also has a fantastic introduction to BPD booklet for your own reading.


Orygen provides a series of webinars allowing the for the application of advanced level mental health knowledge and skills. These 60-90 minute seminars include a broad range of mental health topics. Orygen also have online training modules available for you to work towards at your own pace, evidence summaries, fact sheets, and awesome treatment manuals.

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrics (RANZCP)

RANZCP has developed a range of free resources to support all mental health clinicians. It addresses topics such as outcome measures, culturally appropriate mental health, management and leadership courses, working with people who have an intellectual disability, self-care, and telehealth.

State of Victoria Family Violence Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework

This training is designed for a wide range of people who either work in the integrated family violence system or work in other contexts where they may encounter victims of family violence. It provides information on family violence and advises on practice guidelines.

Strategies for Managing Abuse Related Trauma (SMART)

This online learning course was developed by the Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF) and provides clinicians resources on supporting children and young people in a range of educational or other settings. This free online course promotes an understanding of the impact of abuse-related trauma, comprehensive risk assessments, and implementation of support plans and risk assessments for children and young people.

This Way Up – CBT Training Course

This specific course teaches skills useful for the administration of CBT. Each module of the training course is aided by real-world learning experiences and is able to be completed at your own pace.

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