Best App’s for University Students

Suffering from low productivity? Finding computer work sometimes cumbersome and just plain annoying? You and almost any student out. Revolutionise your productivity when studying by downloading some of these great apps!


This is the best email app I have used so far. It allows you to link multiple email accounts (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail, and your university email) so all your emails are in one central location.
Outlook has an awesome feature allowing you to see a ‘focused’ inbox containing only the most important emails. All other emails (like your newsletters containing coupon codes for your favourite online shopping sides) are automatically allocated to another folder.
Best of all, it allows you to open Word, Excel, or other Microsoft Office attachments on the go!

Cost: Free
Premium Upgrade: No


This app helps to organise and prioritise your tasks and projects. It allows you to assign due dates and receive notifications, and plan with day- and week-views. The reason this app is great is not because it ensures you are meeting your deadlines on time, but because you are able to send these tasks to other people who also have the app. Is this not screaming great for group work?

Cost Free:
Premium Upgrade: Yes

Google Drive

Google Drive is an alternative to Dropbox, a secure online file sharing service. The app allows you to remotely upload documents onto the server, enabling you to access files later from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Best of all, the service backs up all your files so you can never lose them! This app also allows others to view, edit, and leave comments once invited.

Cost: Free
Premium Upgrade: Yes – for additional storage space


Spotify is one of the best services available to steam music for free. This app allows you to listen to a large array of music whenever and wherever you want because of its option to download music and listen when offline. Spotify allows you to search by track name, artist, or album. It also allows you to create playlists (read here on what music you should be listening to for study).

Cost: Free
Premium Upgrade: Yes – for ad-free music streaming. Student discounts also available.


Instapaper is the simplest ways to save articles to read offline when you are on the go. This app removes all the clutter usually presented with webpages, leaving you just the text for easier reading. It also has other great tools such as text-to-speech reading allowing you to have that webpage read to you.

Cost: Free
Premium Upgrade: Yes

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