Decorate: Gallery Wall

I have been searching for the perfect large art work for above my bed for so long! That was until yesterday when I decided enough was enough and I would collect a couple of frames I have scattered throughout my house to make a gallery wall! Not only is this a cheap alternative, but super cute too.

Researching, I discovered it’s not just as easy as hangin’ up a couple of frames; it takes a bit of work! Here is the method I used, and hopefully it works for you too!

collection of white frames, different sizes

Step 1: Collect your frames

I opted for all white since it would match my bedroom decor, but I’ve seen some other great styles with an array of frame types. I also tried to mix and match the frame content, choosing photos, coloured paper, origami, and prints I found at ikea.

frames arranged on the floor

Step 2: Plan Your Arrangement

Next, plan how you want your gallery to look on your wall. Take some time to play around here, mixing and matching frame orientation, style, and location. You may find it easiest to start with your largest frame (use this as an anchor) then arrange your remaining frames around this.

a student's guide to life - Mock up of how of frame on wall

Step 3: Stencil it out on your wall

Before you go around, banging in nails and hook haphazardly, it is a good idea to mock it up on the wall. I did this simply by cutting out tissue paper cut to size and sticky-taping it to the wall. You can use a range of materials such as newspaper, left over Christmas paper, anything you can get your hands on!

tools I used to measure out the hook point, pencil, eraser, hammer and tape measure

Step 4: Measure twice, nail once

Next step is to put in the hooks. Since you have the stencils on the wall already, it will be easy to measure out where the hooks should go.

  1. Measure out with a ruler where the middle of the frame is/the hook on the frame. Each frame will have the hook located in a different place.
  2. Once you have the measurements for the hook, measure this out, and with a pencil, mark this on the stencil
  3. Hammer time
  4. Rip away the tissue


Step 5: Hang your frames

And just like that, you have a beautiful gallery wall! Here is a picture of my finished product. I love it!

a picture of my gallery wall

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