Lifestyle: About Me!

A selfie/photo of me

There is nothing more intriguing than reading about someone else’s life. We are all the same, yet still SO different. You may be intrigued to know who I am, and where I have come from, and so your wish is my command.

  1. What is your middle name ?
  2. What was your favorite subject at school?
    In high school I loved modern history and english
  3. What is your favorite drink?
    Tea. Any kind of tea! English, early grey, green… I will drink just about any.
  4. What is your favorite song at the moment ?
    Saved by Khalid
  5. What is your favorite food?
    Chicken schnitzel and chips (and a side of tomato sauce – yeah I’m an aussie bogan haha)
  6. What is the last thing you bought?
    I purchased some adorable new clothes yesterday whilst in Sydney!
  7. Favorite book of all time ?
    Tomorrow, when the war began.
  8. What is your favorite color ?
  9. Do you have any pets?
    No 😦
  10. What is your favorite perfume?
    Stella by Stella McCartney
  11. What is your favorite holiday?
    I just love christmas
  12. Are you married ?
    No, and boyfriendless!
  13. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times ?
    Yes. My first overseas trip was at 18 months old when my parents took my sister and I to America. Since then I’ve travelled too many times to count but includes countries such as Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, various places in Europe, America (x3 times), Solomon Islands, Canada…and another trip to the UK is planned for January 2018!
  14. Do you speak any other language?
    No, only english.
  15. How many siblings do you have ?
    I have 1 older sister.
  16. What is favorite shop?
    Universal Store
  17. What is your favorite restaurant?
    I love cute and quaint cafes, or speakeasy’s that do cocktails and fancy meals. None in particular. I love trying new places.
  18. When was the last time you cried ?
    Watching the news about a poor puppy that was hit by a train and had to learn to walk again.
  19. What is your favorite blog?
    I love Twice the Love.
  20. What are your favorite TV shows?
    Currently The Outlander
  21. Which one PC or Mac?
  22. What phone do you have?
    iPhone 6.
  23. How tall are you?
  24. Can you cook?
    Yes, just not that good haha
  25. What is your favorite movie?
    The Wedding Singer is an all time favourite

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