Lifestyle: 4 Tips to Help You Save!

A students guide to life - phone, cofee and notepad picture

I am the first person to validate saving is hard! I love my full-time wage lifestyle; and since returning to university, adjusting to a student wage lifestyle has been difficult.

Below are a couple of realistic tips that have helped me so far!

1: Have a piggy bank

Yep. Pretend you are 10 years old and saving your pocket-money. I have your typical metal coin tin that you have to open with a can opener. This type stop me from pocketing a couple of coins when I am going for a coffee which is very helpful.
At the end of each week, i rummage through my handbag and wallet and deposit all coins i haven’t spent. Easy peasy.

2: Budget

I sound like your mother, but budgeting saves so much anxiety. There are so many online tools you can use to help you do this, and by using a tool you can make sure you aren’t forgetting anything. But be realistic. You need to factor in that dress or lipstick you purchase on your weekly peruse through David Jones!
Another tip i find helpful is figuring out what each bill costs you weekly and putting money towards it every day. I have calculated my electricity bill costs me about $20 a fortnight, so I put $20 credit toward my account each pay-day so stop the burn of that quarterly bill!

3: Saaaccrriffeee

I don’t need to remind you of this, and every guide will tell you the same. Stop the coffees, buy home brand/no-name products etc. etc. I won’t labour the point. Some sacrifices I find realistic are:
1) Still have the coffee, because it makes you happy! Just don’t have 3 a day. Maybe take your own Keep Cup to save that 20c (bonus: good karma for reducing waste!)
2) Prolong it. Hair appointment routinely every 6 weeks? Change it to a balayage and push out your appointments to every 10 weeks. Waxing? Get on the laser bandwagon and you’ll only have to go every 3 months!

4: Make smart(er) decisions

Similar to sacrificing, it’s also super important to make smarter decisions. One of the biggest changes I have made is considering “do I really need it”. For example, do i need a 5th LBD? Do i need to buy shy girl when I already have velvet teddy (I know the answer is always yes, but you see where I am going here!)

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