Study: How to Plan for Your University Semester

Whether you are starting your degree mid-year, heading back for another semester, or perhaps a academic veteran getting ready another semester can seem overwhelming and your motivation can drain as quickly as it comes.

I have a couple of tips that can help you reach your deadlines without having to cram the night before an exam, or do an all-nighter to submit that final assessment

1. Plot major deadlines and events on a semester-at-a-glance calendar

Being able to visualise semester and see at what time you have a cluster of assessments due is so important in reducing stress. By doing this, you can make sure you are left with enough time to complete each assessment task and reduces your risk of all-nighters!I do this by drawing up my own calendar on a whiteboard. I use a different coloured marker for each assessment.

2. Use a diary

This can be either electronic or a paper diary. I like to write all important information/dates/events in a week-to-2-pages diary. This gives me a quick overview of the week, but also reminds me of upcoming deadlines (because we are all guilty of forgetting a due date!)

3. Start Early, Finish on Time

One of the most overwhelming parts of completing an assessment is looking at the blank word document. By even reading relevant literature and jotting down a couple of dot points and outlining/planning the assessment enough in advance and periodically revisiting it and adding a little bit more each time, you are going to find you have a lot more motivation to buckle down and pump out the task as the deadline draws closer.

4. Have Friends That Keep You Accountable

Having friends within the same class or course as you will not only help you problem solve a couple of hairy assessment task questions, but it can also act as an external motivator to complete your assessments. There is nothing like a little cheer squad helping you drag your feet across the line!



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